Free parking for essential workers during the pandemic

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Make a difference.

Help our healthcare workers by providing a free parking spot near a hospital or medical care facility during the current pandemic.

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    Relieve our health network

    You can start receiving reservations from caregivers, patients and visitors.

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You are a patient, visitor or working in the health system?

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    Open the clicNpark™ application

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    Look for the spaces identified in red

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    Book for the duration of your shift or hospital visit


  • Why is clicnpark doing this campaign?

    With the current outbreak, our health authorities are facing an unprecedented situation, which puts a lot of pressure and stress on healthcare workers. In addition, an increased number of patients need access to the healthcare network. By providing reliable free parking close to hospitals and healthcare facilities, with your help, we wish to help our healthcare workers do their jobs.

  • How long does it take to register my space?

    Adding your parking space to the clicnpark platform will take under 3 minutes.

  • How much does it cost to register my space?

    Registering your parking space is free, as always with clicnpark™.

  • How do I know when a driver arrives to use my parking space?

    When your parking space is booked by a user, you will be notified by email. You do not need to be physically present nor are there any contacts between you and the user.

  • Can I rent out my space if it requires a code or key?

    Yes! You can absolutely rent out your space if it requires a code or key. We just need to make sure your listing is set up correctly so that there are no issues for the driver accessing your space. Please make sure you explain how the driver will get the code or key in your listing access instructions.

  • Once I’ve registered my space with clicnpark™, how long does it take to be available to users?

    We aim to quality check the quality of the picture and instructions for the driver, and approve our listings within 12 hours. You will be notified by email when your listing is approved or if there are any changes required first.

  • Can my employer or business participate?

    If you work for or own a business that has spaces available near a hospital or healthcare facility, your business can definitely register as a space owner through the link above.

  • Is clicnpark making any money from this campaign?

    No, clicNpark™ will not be making money from any drivers or space owners for participating in this campaign.

  • I’m an existing space owner, will my price change?

    Pricing for existing owners will not change, unless you choose to participate in this campaign which we strongly encourage you to do if your parking space is close to a hospital or healthcare facility.

  • I am new to clicnpark, do I have to list my space for free?

    No. While we urge all space owners near hospitals to think about the larger community, this campaign is completely voluntary.

  • I would like to help and participate, but only for this current campaign, what happens after?

    You are able to remove your space from our service at any time. When logged, under “my spaces”, you can change the online status of your parking.

About clicNpark™

clicNpark™ operates a digital parking platform in the spirit of the sharing economy through which individuals are able to register their parking spaces to be rented to users of the clicnpark platform.